About Smubic

Smubic is a young company  established in January 2018, in Latvia.

Successful previous work experience with cardboard allowed study its properties. Turned out that cardboard capabilities are wider than they usually are used.

The development of a simple, non-glue connections between parts helped to uncover the possibilities of the cardboard.
Innovative metod of connecting is patented. Based on the part connection we decided to make 3D cardboard constructors for coloring. To color 3D forms is easier and more interesting.

It`s always nice to develop toys for kids.

Product benefits

About Products

Smubic 3D constructor for coloring are made from ecologically clean cardboard.

Themes for constructors are: houses, constructions and architectural elements, which can be used separately from each other or to make a compositions of city or farm, animals, cars, furniture, caskets and cubes.

Constructor is based on patented innovative spatial connection. Connection allows to assemble fast, easy, firmly without glue and scissors. Used durable cardboard not corrugated board.

Cardboard advantages:
1)Countless possibilities for coloring, modifying, changing and decorating. It is possible to use with these materials: acrylic, oil pastels, various types of  paint sprays, decoupage, plasticine, 3D pastes, rhinestones, natural materials for example straw  and pebbles, 3D pencils and paints and much more.
2)Low price.
3)Compact lightweight packing.
4)Environmentally friendly product.
5)Does not require special skills.
6)Possible to create your own collection based on your imagination create city, game. Colored constructors can be used as casket, as a decoration of Christmas tree, as home decor, for gift wrapping and more
7) Constructor is interesting for children and adults. Recommended for kindergartens, schools, arts circles.